Time management Mondays: Vacation

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Some people don’t have the luxury of unplugging on vacation, and others don’t have the luxury of taking a vacation at all, but here in Westport, MA, where we’ll be for the next few days, I struggle to strike the right balance when it comes to staying unplugged — or half-plugged, as the case may be.

I generally bring my laptop, and I try to answer urgent emails; sometimes, I’ll do a bit of work. But if a day goes by without checking, it doesn’t bother me… unless I’ve missed something important, and then I feel foolish or lazy. Certainly it helps that we don’t get cell service up here, so I can’t hear or see any sign of incoming work unless I look for it (and by now, people know that’s the case, and they don’t tend to hold it against me).

Do you bring your computer on vacation? Do you feel tethered to your phone?

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