Time management Mondays: The parent trap

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Parents of young children! Sleep is spotty, time is short, and I’m still not actually sure how anything gets done.

I am, in many ways, more efficient at work. But the only way I accomplish anything else is through a series of redefinitions. Tidy means that books, toys, and clothes are corralled, not contained. Clean means that my feet don’t stick to the floor. Dinner involves my favorite foods but not my favorite ways of preparing them.

On good days, this is a lesson in life’s priorities: a post-work playdate over a fancy meal, an hour of real interaction vs. keeping an eye on him while I do other things. On bad days, I wonder how many years will pass before I next clean the oven or get the weeds out of my garden.

Tips? Tricks? Spare time you found under the sofa while cleaning out the dust bunnies?

One thought on “Time management Mondays: The parent trap

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