The summer doldrums

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Years ago, in a summer language program, I read an article about French vacations — that is, vacations that are taken by French people, rather than trips to France.

Some people take off in July, it said, while others do it in August, and there were passionate quotes from both sides about which was better. July comes sooner, it was said, thus maximizing relaxation; I don’t remember what the rationale was for August, but a more recent take I found online suggests that its devotees prefer not to miss out at work.

I tend to take my vacations in August, in part because, yes, work is slow, and in part because once I’m back from the beach, I’m often impatient for fall. September in New York is just about as good as it gets weather-wise, and I’m eager for changing leaves and more comfortable hiking weather.

When do you take your vacations?

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  1. Yes the region of France I live in more or less shuts down in August. Garages close, businesses are closed, it is quite difficult to get things done. A lot of businesses such as the post office and banks go to summer opening hours to cope with the reduction in staff numbers. Supermarkets are still open, but the number of cars in the car parks are significantly reduced!

    I don’t really have a holiday having retired 3 years ago!

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