Organizer Inserts available for purchase today!

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They are here! Fountain pen friendly organizer inserts for your Filofax and Day Timer will be for sale starting today. As noted before we have very limited quantity to start and will keep a waiting list for all of those who do not get a chance to purchase them. Please leave us a comment if you would like to be on the waiting list and include a particular insert that you were looking for.

To make this as fair as possible we will go live at 1:00 P.M. EST and you will be able to purchase them only on (link here


9 thoughts on “Organizer Inserts available for purchase today!

  1. Please add me to the list for the 2014 diary / calendar. I am int he USA. I’ll pay postage,no problem (I order the week with notes from Filofax France in any case). I di not know about this initiative. Please keep me in the loop for everything you may do that is fountain pen friendly and will fit the personal FF.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Steve,

      I know many people are looking for the dated inserts and we are trying our best to make sure they arrive as soon as possible. The issue with this particular item being back ordered was noted here but you are right because many people may have glossed over this fact. We will provide an update on when we are expecting the dated inserts to arrive soon.

  2. I would’ve loved the actual calendar pages, but couldn’t wait after buying what inserts I could before they sold out. I bought the 2 page a week from the competition.

  3. I was very disappointed that a 2014 diary wasn’t offered. Please add me to the list of people who were expecting to see one available for order. Thanks!

  4. I’m curious to know how many sheets come in a pack? Also, do all the inserts (including a diary sec) come with the binder option $75? There wasn’t much info about the binder when I checked. Is it leather, what does the inside look like?

  5. I am very disappointed. I wanted the diary insert, not the whole bloody binder. I would get the inserts with a diary, but the way they are showing it, it is not going to work for me.

  6. Why haven’t you imported diary inserts? There are full organisers yes but if you just want a diary and may be some other inserts why do people need to buy a full organiser?

    After all Timer 17 diary inserts are available in France and UK


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