Lament for Art Brown

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I heard the first whisper of bad news last Wednesday.   Art Brown was closing. art-brown-rhodia02

I called the store the next day and spoke with Bob and Marilyn. They confirmed the rumor; they were indeed closing on Friday at three o’clock.

We were in shock at Exaclair. The news was received like the loss of a family member. The store closing not only represents a great customer that is gone, but a place we referred people to all the time, since we knew they would be taken good care of, and could not find whatever they needed with pens, inks and stationery. It is the loss of an iconic institution – a must-stop for visitors to New York. I shopped at Art Brown.   I’m not sure who can take their place – if it’s possible.

The folks at Art Brown were wonderful people. I will especially miss Warren and Marilyn.   Along with Sam Fiorella of Pendemonium, Marilyn was my go-to person for any pen problem or ink question.

The closing of Art Brown also represents one more loss for a way of life–people who write with a fountain pen, and everything that brings and means on many levels.   That is probably the saddest in some way, to see a way of life diminished, and people and an institution who embodied it disappear.

I am so sad for them, for me, and everyone.







5 thoughts on “Lament for Art Brown

  1. I am so upset about this! I shopped there all the time. First Joon, now Art Brown!!! What’s next, FPH???
    What I loved about Art Brown and what made them unique was all the ink, notebooks and paper they carried. Really going to miss them.

  2. I went in there whenever I was in the area and always came out with something great. The book of ink samples and the selection of products was terrific. They never hurried me or bothered me as I decided what to buy. Yes, you could hang out in the ink aisle for 45 minutes!

  3. What a shame! I was just in the store less than a month ago and walked out with two bottles of ink. I loved standing in their little ink aisle and being dazzled by the selection. It probably took me 45 minutes to decide on those two bottles.

    They’ll be missed.

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