Karen’s mystery notebook: the quest continues

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imperial notebook

Last month, Karen blogged about a mystery notebook that she found at a yard sale. Today, I’m please to report that progress has been made, thanks to intrepid investigator Bonnie Jean Woolger! As she noted on her own blog

The quest to discover the origin of this notebook as taken me to a lot of places. My first stop was internet archive. If you follow the link, you can see the trade catalogs I looked through. They held hints about notebook size and manufacture but none with the Efficiency trademark. There are companies with imperial in their name but it becomes tricky because the word imperial could refer to paper size or paper type. I also searched for No. 655. This is likely the catalog number for the company that made the book. It was not a lot of help. I searched ebay and pinterest for any similar notebooks. You can see some of my notes in Springpad.

Conclusion: based on similar blank books, and because of the cover material, I think this is from the late 1940’or early 50’s. That seems to be a period of time when a lot of paper companies made notebooks with this cover paper. I think the key to the mystery is in the trade mark on the front, so the quest goes on.

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