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The 2014 weekly calendar inserts are back-ordered.   When Exaclair’s president travels to France at the end of this month she is going to find out when we can expect to receive them.   I am truly sorry for the delay.   We didn’t know we would have a problem in getting them when we first placed our order this spring.

We were also surprised when we unpacked the 5-color Notes.   They arrived packed by individual color, not together.   We have repackaged them to 5-color Notes to reflect what is shown on our websites.   Since the cost per color insert is $8, the package of 5 color notes is $40.

We also received organizers that we didn’t order, and while the inserts fit well enough they are not an exact match.   They will be returned to France.

Ordering the inserts is an experiment for us.   If our customers want them we will continue to keep them stocked on Paper Bistro – Exaclair’s e-commerce site to consumers.

Your feedback on the inserts is welcome.   Thank you for your patience and for your support.





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