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Exaclair is in the final stages of developing an iPhone app. The app will utilize and expand on iCal, and bring to digital the free form notes people love in paper planners. It will have many other enhancements besides.   We are quite excited about it, and looking forward to sharing it with you.   It is designed to work with the upcoming iOS 7 platform.   We are testing the app on a beta version, and it is quite beautiful and elegant.

The app is is meant to answer the need of our former Quo Vadis and Exacompta customers for a digital product; and for those current customers who use both paper and digital, or are planning to move to digital.   We also hope having a digital presence will introduce our notebooks and other products to a whole new group of people.

The app – LIFE NOTED – will be available on the app store in September 2013. We will announce the launch date on Quo Vadis Blog.


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