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Hello everyone. First I want to apologize for the confusion and any inconvenience you may have experienced. We have been flooded with questions about dated inserts so I figured I will give you all an update here rather than one by one.

We will be selling weekly dated inserts for your organizers. However we were caught off guard when the container was unpacked and the dated inserts were not there. They are in fact back ordered in France which is causing the delay here. Instead of delaying the sale of all inserts we went ahead and began selling what we have in stock which all of this was addressed earlier last week here. We also received many questions about how many sheets come in a pack and for the record lined notes, grid notes, 5 color lined notes and address pages come with 44 sheets per 1 pack. Index come with 12 cardboard coated sheets per 1 pack.

Also, entire organizers are available with dated inserts but I understand if many of you were expecting individual inserts and were confused by this. For those who want more information on these organizers here are the details:

  • Full organizers come with 2014 dated pages, one week on 2 pages with days on vertical. White paper
  • + note pages white
  • + A to Z index, one letter per page, black vinyl
  • + tel/add pages white
  • Covers have front pocket (no zipper) plus 6 slots for cc.
  • Packed in coated cardboard box + see through sleeve.

We are trying our hardest to find out a solid date on which we can begin selling the individual dated inserts. Once we can get a hold of France I will be sure to update you all on when you can be expecting them. I believe that was all the questions we had and I hope this helped clear up the situation a little bit for you. If I missed anything please leave a comment and I will try to answer them for you.

Many of you have already ordered some of the inserts so I hope they arrive soon and let us know how you like them!

Thank you all for your passion and patience with us.

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  1. I am a current user of the Septanote weekly calendar. I see a large market for these weekly/daily calendar to be available as inserts. I see many advantages of using an A5 binder with the quality of quo vadis paper. I would like to see the Septanote weekly calendar inserted into an A5 binder. Then, you add a few pages of lined notepaper record more detail of that day and/or list of to-do’s.

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