Time management Monday: TGIF

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If you’re a planner person or you just (try to) stay organized… perhaps you’ll have some advice as I puzzle through my own attempts in this new weekly series.

Fridays are my new favorite weekday, not just for the obvious reasons of proximity to the weekend, but because they’re a wonderful day to get things done. All through the week, stuff piles up that’s too small or too time-insensitive — emails to write, long-term projects to move forward, and so on. Let those tasks slide long enough and suddenly you’ll have two days’ worth of them, and who can devote two full days to things that are individually insignificant?

Instead, I’ve been trying to cross off as many of them as I can on Friday, when the work week’s almost over and nothing else is pressing. This isn’t always easy, since taking a break, reading a book, or doing some sort of practical domestic errand are also worthy Friday tasks, and many times more fulfilling. But Mondays are infinitely easier when Fridays have gone well, and I can map out the new week’s tasks without worrying about the pile-up.

What’s your strategy for Fridays?

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