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imperial notebook

I love to poke around yard sales, estate sales, flea markets and old, junky-looking antique stores looking for oddities, old cookbooks, old pens, and quirky things that appeal to me. I refer to these finds as “treasures” or “buys”–“what a buy I got!” I say to my wife.   She nods patiently and says, “more junk.”   Well, everyone doesn’t love the same things, or feel the same joy finding an old notebook.

I picked up a small pocket notebook at a yard sale earlier this month.   On the cover is:



Efficiency Line

No. 655

I have searched and searched, and cannot find anything on this type of notebook or brand. It is 6 3/4″ x 3   3/4″, sturdy, flexible cover, 57 sheets (114 pages) with one or two pages in the front ripped off. The edges of the notebook are rounded–an elegant touch in a utilitarian notebook. The paper is ruled w/margin on top, faint blue lines and pretty heavy.   It was a cream or white originally, and has a yellowish-ivory tinge now.   The binding is stitched, not stapled. The paper feels good to the touch–I don’t know how old the notebook is but it is certainly ready for use.

As a reward for helping me to solve the mystery of this notebook, I will send it to the first person who can tell us about it and its origin.   Consolation prizes will be sent to runners-up!

Thank you for your help and support!



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  1. I haven’t found that specific memorandum book, but The American Pad and Paper Company had an Efficiency Line of business stationery; there’s an ad here and they’re mentioned here on page 191, too

    Their line did include memos, and Imperial was one of their trademarks ( and (

    eta: Looking up the company, the name became Ampad later, and much later was acquired by Esselte. There’s a copy of the old catalog at Hagley Museum and Library that might show whether they made that model number, but the library’s in Delaware and I’m in Oregon.

    But maybe someone else can follow up on it!

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