Have you used a journaling app?

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I’m so analog that it wouldn’t have occurred to me to use an app to keep a journal, but I read about this app through Apple’s recent anniversary sale and … well, I’m intrigued.

I’ve never been disciplined enough to keep a journal, but I can certainly see the appeal of this app from a scrapbooking perspective. I already take photos on my phone, and I don’t share or caption them on social media. A journaling app seems like a great way to store and sort them — and other life events — for my own private consumption, though as one app reviewer points out, the files are not encrypted, and thus not terrifically secure.

Have you used a journaling app?

6 thoughts on “Have you used a journaling app?

  1. I too found Day One via the apple anniversary and have been using it regularly, even on mundane things that I might not have thought to write down. I try to take a picture of something every day and write a little note.

  2. I’ve tried several different journaling and note-taking apps, and none of them have been perfect. For a while I tried Day One on my iPad, and liked it but couldn’t stick with it for some reason. For the past few months I’ve been using OhLife! pretty successfully. They send me an email reminder every evening, asking “how was your day?” and I find that really helpful.

  3. I’m an Android user, and have found my ideal Android writing app, StyleNote, which is a bare-bones app like WriteRoom (for Mac) or Q10 (for Windows). It can also be used for journalling but details like date and time need to be filled in.

  4. I use DayOne from time to time; it has a beautiful interface and is really convenient. However, nothing beats sitting down with my fountain pen and a Clairefontaine notebook.

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