Bringing products back from the dead.

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I was cleaning out my inbox the other day when I noticed an email about our discontinued line of Habana-covered planners. (The Habana notebooks are alive and well, never fear!) The reader was disappointed, but unfortunately, the covers didn’t do well, and there’s not much chance we’ll be able to bring them back.

It’s always sad when products you love don’t sell — though hopefully, it’s also an opportunity to find something you like even better. Still, if there was one thing you could bring back from the dead, what would it be? I’d bring back not a product but a place, a restaurant that closed a couple years ago in my old Brooklyn neighborhood called O Barone. The food was delicious, the chef/owner was enthusiastic and sweet, and the decor was … well, pretty bland, which probably contributed to its demise. Still, though I don’t live there anymore, it would make me happy to know that he was still making beef tagliata.

What would you resuscitate?

3 thoughts on “Bringing products back from the dead.

  1. ’64 ‘Vet split window
    Traction Avant
    68 Mustang big block, but with a nice new, state of the art motor. Could they squeeze a V12 in there?
    IBM Selectric II.
    Most apps for the old “Palm Pilot.” They were much better than what is available for iPhone or Android.
    Shorthand training in schools.
    Size 120 film and labs to process it. (OK, I’d settle for a phone with similar resolution and the creative controls offered by my old Rolliecord).
    Comfortable, affordable, on time national rail service.
    High quality, manual wind wrist and pocket watches.
    The thrill I felt as a 9 year old boy watching Niel Armstrong take that first step onto the moon.

  2. I’d love if the Exacompta Journey Notebooks ever returned – leather covers with great designs, narrow line width, and Clairefontaine paper. Still the best pocket/purse/traveling notebook ever. And a particular crepe restaurant that I visited for nearly 20 years closed its doors last year – many good memories made at their quaint tables.

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