Test drive contest: use this form!

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So I guess it wasn’t clear, but the way to enter our latest contest is by completing the form at the bottom of this post.

Maybe it was the bulleted list of formats that preceded it and made it seem like something unimportant? Because when I went to download the responses and run the numbers at Random.org, I realized that… there weren’t any, though more than 40 of you expressed your interest in the comments.

So I’m going to keep the contest open for one more week and ask you all to re-enter your details on the form, not in the comments. If you’re having trouble seeing the form, you can also find it here.

You’ve now got till Sunday, June 23 at midnight EST to enter. Sound good?

4 thoughts on “Test drive contest: use this form!

  1. I think last week the form was “broken.” The first couple of times I tried I got a message that said it was no longer accepting entries. The third time I was never sure whether it actually accepted the entry or not.

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