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If you weren’t among April’s winners but you’d still like to test drive a Quo Vadis, here’s your second chance!

The idea is to give people who use other types of planners, or who switched to a digital calendar but are curious about paper, a chance to try one of our planners and tell us how it compares.

We’re using the honor system here, but if you’re curious about our planners, or you’ve been trying to convince a friend to give us a try, enter by Sunday, June 16 at midnight EST by completing the form below.

We’ll select 10 lucky people to test drive their choice of the following formats…

Monthly: Monthly 4 or Exaplan

Daily: Journal 21


Good luck!

48 thoughts on “Test drive a Quo Vadis

  1. Have been a long time digital calendar user but find it limiting as I like to make additional notes and miss the days of old when the annual diary arrived at work. Would liek to try a Business 21 or Trinote.

  2. Hi – I’ve love to trial anything, with a detailed review on my blog. I’m currently searching for the perfect planner system, both for me and other students, so looking at some other options other than standard high street planners would be great.

    I currently use a Filofax in conjunction with my phone calendar system, but its clear from the amount of use it gets that its not quite the right set-up for me.

    I’d also be willing to host a giveaway to other students if you’re interested?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Journal 21 lights a fire for my organizational and creative soul as it allows room for those “must do” items I have to track and/or attend, yet allows space for my creative mind to flow onto paper! That said, Trinote and Sapa X look pretty cool too. By the way, I use At a Glance most often now. And Gmail for what it’s worth.

  4. I rely on a paper calendar, so I would like to try the Trinote or the Monthly or Space 24. I usually use a monthly, but I like the design of the Trinote.

  5. I use a monthly At-a-glance planner at work. I would love to try the exaplan or the journal 21. Thank you!

  6. I’d love to try a Minister! I’ve always used horizontal planners, so a vertical set-up would be really interesting to try…

    I can’t get the form to work though. Tried multiple browsers and it either doesn’t appear or says it’s no longer open for responses. Any help please?

  7. I’d love to try out Journal 21. I’ve been looking for the perfect planner to keep track of daily tasks at work.

  8. I’d love to try out the Journal 21 or the Minister. I’ve been using a DIY planner that I print out myself for the last few years, but I wouldn’t mind trying a more traditional planner.

    What happened to the form to fill out? It says that it is no longer accepting responses.

  9. I would like to test drive a Trinote. I’m a long time ‘ring bound’ planner user… but I’m starting to see some of the advantages of bound planners….

  10. I haven’t used a bound planner in a long time. The Journal 21 looks nice. The Space 24 looks good, too.

  11. Space 24 or Trinote would be my choice because of the fountain pen friendly 90g paper + format. I’ve usually gone with a Journal 21, but the daily pages are too bulky for ease of portability & I’m looking for space to write notes & track expenses, as well as a longer day since I don’t keep 9-5 traditional hours.

    The recent death of my iPhone 3GS & finding how little info really was backed up into the cloud [surprisingly little] has me even more set on paper planners.

  12. I’ve got my eye on one of the Space or Sapa X! I am fully digital but with me going back to school I think I need to revert to good old pen and paper for my assignments.

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