On notebooks and compromise

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I am very picky about yogurt; there are only a few brands I like, and I’m willing to travel further to get them. I’m also picky about bread, but not so much so that I won’t compromise if I have to. (Especially if the store also carries my favorite yogurt.)

I’m reasonably picky about paper, but in my job, it’s neither surprising nor particularly difficult for me to be. Given how convenient it is to be able to do most of your shopping in one place, I wonder how others feel. When you need a new notebook, are you willing to go out of your way for the right one, whether that means going to a far-flung retailer or ordering online and waiting for the package to arrive? When do you wait for what’s perfect, and when do you accept what’s available?

4 thoughts on “On notebooks and compromise

  1. I always order my notebooks online and wait. I generally do this to support the fine folks at Goulet Pens. I can get my Rhodia notebooks at local locations of chain stores, however, I am willing to pay a bit more, pay for shipping and wait in order to buy from Goulet Pens. I feel like it’s the least I can do to support and say thank you for the wealth of information they make available on their website.

  2. I think it’s who rather than when. It’s remarkably similar, the “who’s,” the nebbish zealots that know, understand , and are passionate about wine, motocross, NASCAR, fountain pens, and paper. The “who’s” wouldn’t accept anything less than their “lowest” threshold. Those that consider “when” an option simply isn’t a nebbish zealot; they can’t grasp our passion (but wish they could).

  3. A good notebook is a beautiful thing and if it were only available at a far flung retailer, I would probably order it online and wait impatiently. Gas prices are too high to go too far flung! There comes a point when shipping is less expensive – and there might be other things I *need* from the online store :-).

  4. Stickler is my middle name when it comes to notebooks, but will do without rather than pay a stupid amount for S&H.
    Best, P.S.A.

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