Lego masterpieces

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This seems perfect for an overcast, rainy Friday, and is the sort of thing I can’t wait to take my son to when he’s older: ‘The Art of the Brick,’ an exhibit in Times Square in which artist Nathan Sawaya recreates famous artworks out of Legos.

As the Times‘s Edward Rothstein points out, some pieces are kitschy, but the playfulness inherent to the form rescues them from banality. “One of the things we learn from play is the art of approximation, so why not relish here the approximation of art?”

I gather the exhibit has traveled around quite a bit before it reached New York. Have you seen it? What did you think?

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  1. It was in LA when we went to visit a couple of weeks ago. We went and it just boggles the mind how someone can piece these together. Very cool.

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