Where’s my pen?

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I didn’t have this problem in Brooklyn, because our house there was much more compact (2 stories, 2 rooms per floor). Our new house is modest in size, but it’s been added on to over the course of its 200-year-old history in a way that is totally charming — and totally maddening whenever I need a pen.

My fountain pens live near my desk (or they will, once the room has been finished), but I like to have other pens on hand when I need to, say, jot something down for the contractor, or take note of a random idea. I don’t have this problem with notebooks, perhaps because I’ve accumulated so many over the course of our six-year history! So I’ve ordered a box of Pilot G2s to distribute throughout the house. We’ll see if that helps… or if they’ll continue to accumulate in random rooms and/or under the couch.

Do you have trouble keeping track of your pens?

3 thoughts on “Where’s my pen?

  1. If you reach a point of having too many pens (especially pens you don’t like so much), check with your local library to see if they need them. We go through writing utensils like water at my library, mostly because patrons walk off with them. Not that that’s a bad thing, but we go through a lot of pens.

  2. All my pens and pencils must be kept in secure places, otherwise my two cats (known as “the monsters”) will do unspeakable things to them. @_o

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