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Here’s a question for the group:

Apple is going to move away from skeuomorphic designs.   (Like turning the page, typing, pen or pencil icons, records, wooden shelves for books, etc.)   Basically skeuomorphs describe design elements that have no purpose in their current form but are used to give a familiarity to something from the past.

Apple’s designs will change, which means many other developers and inventors will take note, including app developers.   Apps are rapidly becoming indispensable tools and aids for living.   Skeuomorphs

Do you think the moving away from familiar but older products will have an impact on their use?   Will less and less people be able to “recognize” them, and therefore, pass them by?


One thought on “Skeuomorphs

  1. Have you read Huxley’s “Brave New World” or Orwell’s “1984”?
    They thought they were writing fiction. They weren’t, they were making accurate predictions.
    Thank God that I am now in the twilight la-la land of my years where I will not have to embrace these ‘wonderful advances’ … I assume notebooks with paper pages and pens will be around a little longer?

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