Is Made in USA Important?

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A few days ago, I had a message on my voice mail from a man in San Francisco saying it meant a lot to him that his Quo Vadis planner was made in the USA.

FYI – The paper is sourced from the Clairefontaine mill in France, the cover material is cut and sewn in Quebec, and the planners are printed and assembled in Hamburg, a town in upstate New York right outside Buffalo. made_in_usa

Is it important to you–at all–that Quo Vadis is made here?   Or, is it just important to have a quality product no matter where it is made?

Your thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.   Thank you.

On another subject – European Paper Co. is featuring Quo Vadis Academic planners.   They are offering $5 off an order of $50 or more.   The coupon code to redeem this offer is high5.   If you need to stock up on Habanas, Clairefontaine and Quo Vadis, you may want to pay them a visit. club qv





6 thoughts on “Is Made in USA Important?

  1. i go for quality. And living wage conditions. Outside of that, where it is made is irrelevant. We’re going towards a global economy now.

  2. Normally it is important to me to support US-made products whenever possible, but I love Clairefontaine and QuoVadis so much that I would buy them regardless of where they are produced, as long as the quality is the same or better than it is now. You absolutely can’t beat them!

  3. As an American, it is important to me that I support businesses in my country. I also prefer supporting small businesses over large corporations so much so that I’m willing to pay a little more. I like using products that were made by adults who wanted to work and were paid a living wage for the work they did. If those people are my fellow citizens, I like it even more.

    I can totally see why someone from another country could care less about this. Even if I wasn’t American, I’d always want to support whatever country I was living in by buying locally and from smaller companies.

    Having said all that, a company with excellent customer service might beat all the competition, regardless of country of origin.

  4. Yes, it is very important to me to support US businesses whenever possible and provide jobs to Americans, but I have no problem with the wonderful French paper and the brilliantly cut-and-sewn covers from our friends to the north. So get those 2014 planners out the door, I want my Hebdo!

  5. The US, Europe, etc. is fine as is anywhere one doesn’t have so much worry about sweatshops, working conditions, etc.

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