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The University is one of our smaller academic planners, and to me, at least, it seems best suited to scheduling your courses than writing down assignments and reminders, which is how I would have used the Scholar.

Still, the University does offer plenty of room to coordinate lectures and study groups, with hour-long spaces from 8am to 9pm. (Ah, the days when I thought 8am was early.) There’s a scheduling section in the front to note the things that don’t change from week to week, and an Anno Planner in the back for large-scale planning of, say, midterms and the like.

If you decide to go January-to-January, Business is the format for you.

There aren’t many reviews of the University online, but you can read one at Dizzy Pens.

Do you use the University? We’d love to hear what you like and don’t like about it!

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  1. I’ve used the Quo Vadis Business planner for years. I love the small size, I can carry it everywhere, it fits in even the smallest of bags. My favorite features are the smooth white paper, the size, the vertical layout of the columns, the anno planner, and the tear off corners. I usually get the bound version that has a pocket in the back and an elastic closure. Sadly, the bound version was not available for 2013 :(. I wish it had more pages for notes, and more room per day to write specific daily notes – and please bring back the bound version for 2014!

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