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Summer break is here for many college students, but since summer (as I recall) goes fast, I figured it would be a good time to highlight one of our academic calendars: the Scholar.

Would that I had known about this during my own college and grad school days! It’s a weekly calendar with nice, open untimed lines on each day, big enough to write in comfortably, but slim enough to slip tidily into a bag or backpack. Plus, there’s a very decent chunk of space devoted to Sundays and a handy Anno Planner up front (though I imagine a monthly calendar would be useful, too).

The standard Scholar goes from August to July, but there’s also a 17-month version. It’s also available in our eco-friend Equology format. And when you want to graduate to a January-to-January format, the Hebdo is your equivalent (and it does have a monthly calendar).

Here are some reviews from around the web:

Do you use the Scholar? What do you like best and least about it?

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