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Speaking of the Textagenda, we recently received the following suggestion via email:

I think this planner would be even more useful if there was a single-page week-overview at the start of every week.

This page serves two important, organization-enhancing functions:

1. An overview of the week without flipping pages

2. Every week becomes 8 pages instead of 7, so every day of the week will be on the side of the page. For example, all the Mondays on the left, all the Tuesdays on the right. This will make flipping ahead for future scheduling easier. Static days of the week may also be useful for visualizing one’s calendar if it accidentally gets left behind.

It would make the book fatter, of course, but perhaps that’s worth the tradeoff. Readers, what do you think?

6 thoughts on “Weeks and days

  1. I would love something like this, although I would want the weekly page to be vertical, so it would probably have to be designed sideways in the book. I’ve been using the Visual for years, and then using scrap paper to be my Do Today lists. If the Textagenda/Notor included a weekly, I’d be in heaven. I don’t want to go back to the ring binder systems.

  2. Grand idea! I’m all for it! Also, I suggested this already, but I liked the soft grey print a lot better than the blue that is now used in the Textagenda and Notor. I wish that you would change back to the grey. Thanks for such wonderful products, and for being so good about listening to and valuing your customers.

  3. I would totally buy this planner with a weekly notes page! It would be perfect as many of my tasks need to be attached to a week, not a day, but a weekly planner doesn’t leave enough room for daily notes. This would be perfect and not any fatter than carrying both a weekly and a daily planner. Or maybe two volumes, with six months in each?

  4. I’ve been wanting a daily planner with a weekly page for years! I actually designed one for myself but haven’t been able to get it published. As the commenter pointed out, it would make a regular pattern to the weeks, Saturday and Sunday would always be next to each other, and it’s a great way to keep your weekly to-do list along with your daily details.

    Actually if there were a page before each Monday the days’ pattern would be:

    Weekly Notes page on the Left, Monday on the right

    Tuesday on the left, Wednesday on the right

    Thursday left, Friday right

    Saturday left, Sunday right.

    That’s how I envision it at least. That way your weekly lists would be next to Monday, so you can start the week right!

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