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Here’s a spotlight on a new forum for stationery addicts: Traveler’s Notes, a blog apparently inspired by our own and intended to be a UK home for fans of that notebook brand.

I’ve never used a Traveler’s Notebook — at that price, it’s a commitment, and I’d need to mull it over in person before making it — but it’s always nice to see another place where paper people can gather. So, you know, carry on!

Are you a fan of Traveler’s Notebooks?

3 thoughts on “Traveler’s Notes

  1. I just purchased one and have played with it a little bit. It is something of a luxury item, and the paper quality of Midori books is great. I know they have calendar/planner inserts, but I’ve really grown to love Quo Vadis products. I’ve been using a Monthly 4 since last summer and am looking forward to starting a Principal this summer. The Traveler is a writing notebook for me.

  2. Like above, the brand name is far too expensive for little old me to take a punt on. I bought a cover from etsy and one from a leather shop. Both are excellent quality and fit the same notebooks as the expensive ones.
    Plus you can personalise the handmade ones.

  3. Finding the Midori-branded notebooks outside of my price range, I did some research and finally purchased a leather cover from Davis Leatherworks on Etsi ( I have been very happy with it. The cover fits a 3.5″ x 5.5″ pocket notebook and functions exactly like the Traveler’s Notebook. I’ve found refills to be very accessible, as I am able to use multiple brands such as Moleskine, Field Notes, or Rhodia.

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