Test drive a Quo Vadis

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For this contest, we’d like to do something a little different: we’d like to give people who use other types of planners, or who switched to a digital calendar but are curious about paper, a chance to test drive a Quo Vadis and tell us how it compares.

Obviously, we’ll have to use the honor system here, but if you’re curious about our planners, or you’ve been trying to convince a friend to give us a try, now’s your chance! Enter by Sunday, April 28 at midnight EST by completing the form below.

This month, we’ll be giving 10 lucky people a chance to test drive the President, Minister, or Trinote.

UPDATE: Many thanks to all who entered! I’ve posted a list of winners here.

One thought on “Test drive a Quo Vadis

  1. I would love to test drive a left handed friendly planner. I did not like filofax and not a fan of a moleskine….The President may be perfect for me.

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