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The Textagenda is one of our mid-sized daily planners, but based on the layout I think it’s got much more potential.

At the top of each page is a small timestamped section on which to write your appointments. Below it are 14 lines to fill with… anything, really. You can look forward, and write your goals, aspirations, and to-dos. You can look back and use it as a journal. I suppose you could even use it to write, say, a paragraph a day of a piece of writing? Though it’s perhaps a bit small for that.

There’s also a small blank section at the bottom of each page for notes, perhaps the things you want to prioritize.

The size, at any rate, reminds me of a smallish, but substantial novel, which is perhaps why I think of prose. I’ve never used it as a planner, though I have used it as a notebook, because good paper is a terrible thing to waste.

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2 thoughts on “Focus on formats: the Textagenda

  1. I absolutely love Textagenda planners. I’ve been buying them for years and am growing quite a collection!

    My first Textagenda was from 1999-2000 back when they had the grey print and square date box at the top of the page. When Quo Vadis switched to blue print, initially I objected but now I have to admit I prefer the blue, it looks more cheerful.

    The Textagenda is the perfect size for a daily book. Anything bigger is more than I want to carry in my bag with me everywhere. Anything smaller doesn’t give me enough space to write each day. And the shape of the page/ book is very aesthetically pleasing.

    I like the Notes box at the bottom of each page. I’ve used it for various purposes over the years. I like to use it as a brief journaling space or to list good things that happened that day. It’s also a good space to write expenses and other financial information for the day. I’ve also used it to track medications, for example when my kids have had to take antibiotics 3 times a day for a week I wrote in check boxes for each dose and checked them off as they were given so I could keep track of doses given or not. It’s a great spot to write anything that you want to stand out on the page.

    There are so many things I love about the Textagenda: the super-smooth paper keeps me coming back to it. The size and shape as I mentioned before. The huge selection of covers and colors. The academic-year Anno Planner to plan the whole school year at a glance. The Priority boxes, maps and month tabs. I love that Saturday and Sunday each have a full page and that the holidays, equinoxes, solstices and moon phases are printed on the day spaces. I’m looking forward to getting my Textagenda for 2013-2014 as soon as I can!

    Keep up the great work Quo Vadis!!

  2. Notor was my very first QuoVadis planner. I LOVED it — but I changed when you went to the navy blue lettering. I loved the soft grey, but there is something about the navy that just looks cheap to me. And you can’t write over it like you could the grey. I hope you will consider returning to the soft grey at some point.

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