Filofax/Day Timer Insert Update

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The inserts are on their way from France, and we expect delivery in early June.   The second the products are in our warehouse and ready for sale we will announce it on the blog, so look for the announcement before mid-June.exacompta_logo_white_750

We expect to have a page of these Exatime inserts on both (Exacompta brand page) and also on a special page on   This page will show the inserts in stock and link to, which is our e-commerce site.

We didn’t order a large amount of stock initially–but if there is interest we’ll keep the inserts in stock and look to expand in future months.   Depending on demand, we will seriously consider making inserts here in the US.

The inserts are “Exatime 17 Etroit” Papier Ivoire, 170 x 98.     They are made with Clairefontaine paper, 85g, so it’s good for fountain pens.

Here is what we ordered:

Ref 18544E – 2013 weekly view with notes

Ref 18511E – grid notes

Ref 18515E – ruled notes

Ref 18551E – ruled notes – 5 color sheets

Ref 18516E – address pages

Ref 18523E – address separators

More soon.   Thank you for your patience!




7 thoughts on “Filofax/Day Timer Insert Update

  1. Great news and thanks for keeping everyone informed. Looking forward to some high-quality filofax paper at last.

  2. hmmm as i found the refills i am sad that its the way the rhodia planners are structured with the week on 1 side and notes on the right side.. is there any plan to bring ones that are similar to say 18572E to the stateside?

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