Do you keep a notebook in your wallet?

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I keep a small Habana in my bag, but the combination of motherhood — which has greatly expanded the amount of stuff I need to carry with me — and the recent reminder of the flexible Traveler’s Notes system has me thinking it might be time to streamline.

I have a fairly big wallet, and I suspect the smallest size of Clairefontaine’s staplebound pads would fit very tidily in it. A small Rhodia would probably work, too. In fact, it occurs to me that this is probably the “killer app” of any very tiny notepad, at least for me, since that’s a size I wouldn’t reach for in almost any other context.

Do you keep a notebook in your wallet?

8 thoughts on “Do you keep a notebook in your wallet?

  1. Well, since I just carries a few cards with change (and use it as my wallet)tucked in a bag pocket, I suppose I don’t have a wallet for notebook. But I always have a small notebook toss in my bag, just in case I have something to jot down.

  2. I don’t carry a wallet. Instead, I carry a coin purse that fits my ID, bill clip, and lip balm, oh yes – coins too. I don’t think that I’d be able to fit a notebook there.

    I like carrying in pocket (not shirt pocket like patA) some cards, cut into 3″ x 4″ from card stock remnants that a print shop had from a job they ran. It would have been tossed, so I got them for free.

    If there was a small thin bound notebook (no spirals for pockets – they tend to catch threads and pull them out) from the same paper as my Journal 21, I’d be very interested since the card stock isn’t as pleasurable to write on as my Journal 21. Colors are not a preference, though something that isn’t black is desired, since I don’t like digging in my messenger bag or backpack to locate things.

  3. There’s little point in always carrying a pen without something to write in along as well. I find Rhodia No. 11 pads are great for the shirt pockets, while the No. 12 is almost too big. Before such things became available locally, I’d grab a sheet of paper, fold it in the middle of the long axis three times, and then apply staples and a letter opener to it until I had a pocket-sized notepad of eight sheets.

    …and yes, I ALWAYS carry a pen, showers and nap time aside.

  4. No, I do not.
    I sure would like to keep one in my shirt pocket though.
    I’d pay through the nose for a quality notebook (or ?) that would fit in a man’s shirt pocket.
    NB: These pockets are significantly less the the 3.5″ major manufacture call a “pocket”.
    (I feel better.)

  5. I don’t keep a notebook in my wallet, but I do carry a notebook with me absolutely everywhere in my bag. It’s a pocket size Clairefontaine Basics staplebound notebook. It’s very streamlined and lives in the front pocket of my bag so it’s always handy for jotting down things before I forget.

  6. Well, not in my wallet, but in my handbag, always. Usually something about 4×3 inches, or smaller. And they need to be spiral-bound, or have perforated pages I can tear out neatly. I never leave home without one.

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