Congrats to our winners!

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Many thanks to all who entered and/or spread the word about our latest contest. We are pleased to introduce our planners to the following lucky winners:

  • Savanna D.
  • Roger P.
  • Kay L.
  • Holly
  • Jim G.
  • Derrick D.
  • Sandy R.
  • Jeffrey U.
  • Lee S.
  • Dave M.

This is a contest we’re planning to run again in the future, so check back if we whet your appetite and your name isn’t on this list. We’ll also run new contests soon for everyone to enter.

One thought on “Congrats to our winners!

  1. Is the Lee S. who won me? I don’t see any emails. If there is some other Lee S., congratulations to him or her. If it is indeed me, this is fortunate timing indeed. I’m relatively dissatisfied with my employer provided At-A-Glance, and we just changed electronic solutions as well.

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