3 thoughts on “Change in the Competitive Landscape

  1. Ditto. I secretly hoped that Filofax would have Quo Vadis paper in years to come, all supplied by the Mother Ship. Well, you obviously have your reasons why you didn’t purchase Filofax. But as far as competitive landscape goes, you have ZERO competition from Filofax/Letts/Blueline in terms of paper. If you supplied plain and lined inserts just to start with, for the various filofax sizes, I think you would very quickly establish a solid customer base. I have to buy your notebooks and hack them apart, trim them and punch them to fit my Personal. But I do, because its worth it. Let’s hope we see the progress mentioned earlier on this blog, and we can all start using decent, pre-cut paper in our binders 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I’m so sad that Exaclair’s parent company didn’t acquire it!! I was really looking forward to the excellent formats and paper!

    Now I’m curious to see what direction the North American company will take with this British brand.

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