2014 Planners & Refills

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I have two signs of spring:   robins in my backyard, and the first emails asking where can I buy a refill?!

I have seen my first robin (actually, ten of them!) and had my first message about refills.   Spring is here.  

Here’s the answer:   we are shipping Academic year (August-July) planners to college bookstores and retailers at the end of April.   Calendar year (January-December) will start to be shipped to retailers on May31st.

Look for them on the shelves and websites about two weeks later.

Our website – quovadisplanners.com – is currently being updated with new cover styles and retail locations.   Our annual update will be done in the next 3-4 weeks.




One thought on “2014 Planners & Refills

  1. SO excited to get my 2014 MiniWeek! I wish it were available in the academic format Sept to Sept but I’m just happy that you make this size 🙂

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