Quo Vadis Bracket Contest on Facebook

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We will be having our first ever Quo Vadis Bracket contest on our Facebook page! There are 32 products going head to head every day until only your favorite is left standing. And best of all we will be giving away the opportunity to win a 2014 planner of your choice**. If you can guess which product will ultimately win the entire bracket you can choose the format of your choice and between 2 covers, the Club or Equology, in any color. It’s up to all of you to vote everyday!

Starting today we will be posting a new match-up from the bracket (in the form of a poll), and you will have 24 hours to vote for which ones you want to advance. All this will be leading up to a final match-up on Friday March 22nd with the winner being announced Monday March 25th. You can vote right here!

**How to enter to win a 2014 planner** Please email your full name and shipping address to ‘sunnyh@exaclair.com’ subject line ‘Bracket’ with what you think will be the winner of the bracket BEFORE Sunday March 10th. Include the format of your choice and either a Club or Equology as well as the color you would want. Keep in mind 2014 planners will not be shipped until the summer. Up to 10(!) winners will be picked at random after the contest ends March 25th. One pick per person.

*Exaclair and the Quo Vadis blog does not keep, sell, rent or otherwise with your personal information. Personal information given is for the sole purpose of the contest and will be deleted upon the end of the contest.*

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