On stuff and routines

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Moving is always chaotic, but moving into a new place after spending 3.5 months in a series of temporary apartments is — well, especially so. I was very eager to be reunited with my stuff in the new house, but my stuff is a foreign country, and I find myself reaching for the same few things (notebooks, clothes) I had with me all along. The things that are before me I don’t want, and the things I recall dimly and wonder about are nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, I’m using the opportunity to donate or scrap things that aren’t useful anymore, and am amused by how typical it is that I can identify them only after I move… which is not to say that I packed up with any great care.

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  1. I’ve moved a lot, and you are right, it’s not until after you’ve moved that you can recognize what you need and what you don’t.

    Something I typically experience after I move is that I have all these random things that belong to me all around, but I can’t find the important thing I’m looking for.

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