On anniversaries

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So… it’s been six years! Since then, we’ve come to be defined as much by our notebooks as our planners, but there’s still room for celebration.

I don’t usually like to make a fuss about anniversaries, but they’re a nice excuse to reflect on what’s happened and where your life is. Of course, thanks to the storm, I feel like I’ve aged more over the past four months than I have the past six years. But since I started writing for this blog, I moved to suburban Brooklyn, took up gardening, got married, had a baby, stopped gardening, and moved to a Brooklynish suburb, where I hope to garden again. I went gone through four Sapa Xes and two-and-a-quarter Space 17s, along with a very colorful array of Clairefontaine, Rhodia, and Habana notebooks.

I’ve also made lots of friends, and Karen and I are both grateful for all of your comments, attention, and feedback.

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