Note-taking on an iPhone

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Karen’s recent post about taking notes on her iPhone struck a chord. I, too, recently got an iPhone, and I, too, have been flirting with the idea of digital note-taking for much the same reason.

I started with grocery lists, since grocery lists are something I’m in the habit of forgetting when it actually comes time to go to the store. Also, I can delete something as I put it in my shopping basket, thus shrinking the list and helping me stay focused on what I still need to buy. However, I feel like a distractable fool when I’m navigating a supermarket while fiddling around with my iPhone, wheeling the stroller (or bouncing my son in the Ergo), and trying to remember where the dairy products are in a still-new-to-me grocery layout.

Plus, if I kept a paper list in the kitchen like I did in Red Hook, my husband would remember to remind me we’re out of crackers since he’d jot it down when he emptied the box.

Have you found the killer app for digital notes?

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