Focus on formats: the Sapa X

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Before I fell in love with the Space 17 and its weekly notes page, it was the Sapa X I used to plan my days and weeks. Like the Space 17, it’s compact and ultra portable, and it works very well for people like me who don’t have a lot of appointments. Karen combines it with a Rhodia pad to get all the space she needs.

What I miss about the Sapa X is its blank planning boxes, which give you a lot of freedom to doodle, partition, and organize each day however suits you best. It has two blank notes pages at the start of each month and a mini monthly calendar on each week that shows where the week falls in that month. For me, though, the extra room to take notes on the Space 17 makes it hard to contemplate going back.

Do you use the Sapa X? What do you like best and least about it?

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