Alexander Wang’s Black Notebooks

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Alexander Wang, the renowned designer and newly appointed creative director of Balenciaga, purchased and customized black Habana notebooks.   You can see them here on his site.   In addition to modifying the corners, he added brass-edged pages.   The effect is pretty striking.  

I thought his design elements changed the personality of the basic Habana. Mr. Wang made the notebook truly his own–something we all want to do with our notebooks.  

Gfeller Casemakers, a western-style leather crafter out in Idaho, is in the process of making a custom leather cover for Habanas. Gfeller makes and stocks custom covers for some Rhodia notebooks and pads.   They complement the paper and pads quite beautifully.   Leather takes on its own character as it travels along with us every day.  

Gfeller is practically the opposite of Alexander Wang.   One exemplifies urban sophistication; the other rugged field work out in the back country.   Both use the same notebook!

Here’s a question:   should we promote customized versions of our products on our and I think so, but I would like to get your feedback.

Thanks so much.

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  1. The trend these days seems to be to take creativity out of the hands of the owner and limit it to the manufacturer’s in-house team.

    The poster above has it right, I think. Let the Habana users personalize their own notebooks. Perhaps you could create a page of suggestions, accessories, sources, patterns, covers, etc. with a link on the home page.

  2. No to customised versions but yes to accessories that can be used to customise. Search Midori Traveler’s notebook to see what can be done, especially with their 5th anniversary ‘passport size’ limited edition. Plus, so how DO you ‘brass the edges of the pages’ then?

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