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We value your privacy and are serious about safeguarding the personal information we receive through email messages or raffle sign-ups. Some of the data we request is needed to give us a better understanding of our customers. Records are destroyed after each raffle. Subscriptions to and are voluntary. We do not automatically add anyone. No one has access to emails or personal information outside of the two Quo Vadis bloggers.

3 thoughts on “Privacy Policy

  1. That’s a very good privacy policy. Who knows what the nefarious Google does with the information, but at least we know Quo Vadis is ethical. Somehow I’d expect something this nice from the Exaclair folks!

    Posting the policy on the websites might increase participation.

  2. I don’t think it would hurt to post a privacy policy with each giveaway. Personally, I’ve never been concerned about entering my information, but I can understand that others might be worried about that. So, yes, I do think it would be a good idea.

  3. Well, I can attest to the fact that over the past several years, I have entered numerous contests, drawings, etc. both here and on Rhodia Drive, and I have never received any unsolicited email, post, or otherwise from either of you.

    That said, it’s pretty comforting to know you just delete our information after the fact (and are genuinely simply keeping your customers engaged with your products and not using our information for nefarious purposes).

    I don’t think it’d hurt for you to just do a quick FAQ with each contest entry post of “What are you going to do with my info?” and link to this post. 😛

    Thanks for all you guys do.

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