How does writing on good paper make you feel?

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Believe it or not, I write on all kinds of paper – little cheap pads from the printers, yellow post-it notes, backs of envelopes, my Sapa X pages, and the black No. 18 lined Rhodia pad I keep in my work bag.

When I use a cheap pad I feel in a rush, and write a utilitarian scratch. But when I sit down with a good pad, I can feel my body and mind unwind and stretch out. Writing on good paper makes me feel I am thoughtful, reflective, philosophical, smart.

Of course, writing with my fountain pen is a part of that, since I only write with fountain pens on good paper.   My choice of pen and ink color are an intimate part of the experience of writing, and the realization of the sentiment, thought or idea on paper.

How does writing on good paper make you feel?





4 thoughts on “How does writing on good paper make you feel?

  1. That is quite true! Depending if y use my red EQUOlogy notebook or my ZapBook both for writing as well as for drawing I use a fountain pen, o en pencil.

    Each kind of paper requires from me a different use and personal feelings, with different tools.

  2. The tactile experience of putting pen to paper is one of the more sublime perks of writing as opposed to, say, clicking away on a keyboard. Using quality paper is essential, for it enhances greatly the experience, the pleasure of writing and as a consequence seems to likewise enhance the creative process.

  3. Totally alters how I think & write! I was glad to read this post because I always felt there was something a bit ‘weird’ (fussy? geeky? odd?) about my preference for certain types of paper and pen and the fact my writing would change with them. I buy my own notebooks for work which everyone thinks I am daft for doing, but my handwriting degenerates with a bic on cheap office paper and I just don’t *enjoy* writing with nasty stuff. Thanks for this, I feel if not normal then at least in good company!

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