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Yes, Virginia, there is (still!) such a thing as a real stationery store… guest blogger Kate Marshall finds out the hard way.

Now I know why I don’t go to physical stationery stores all that often (besides the fact that there are few near me): I would probably go broke within a half hour if I had easy access to a brick-and-mortar pen shop.

I was in New York City recently for a day trip and a friend suggested the Art Brown pen store at West 45th Street. I get their email adverts all the time but hadn’t realized it was also a real store too (I know, I’m weird).

And it was an amazing experience. I love being in New York anyway and then getting to hang out in a real stationery store too? AWESOME! There were glass counters full of pens, shelves and shelves of fountain pen ink, whole sections devoted to Filofax, Rhodia, and Clairefontaine papers… I was like a kid in a stationery store. I eventually left the store with (among other things) Noodler’s ink, a new Clairefontaine notebook, ink cartridges and a Sheaffer VFM pen (I can’t believe these awesome pens are less than thirty dollars). Best trip to NYC ever!

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