Geralin and shredders

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This is somewhat off topic, but I thought it’d be fun to share this Office Depot commercial with our friend and Minister fan Geralin Thomas, a North Carolina based professional organizer.

In it, she helps an exotic pet store owner find the right shredder for his business. I’m having fun imagining a similar series for stationery, where artists and writers (exotic thought store owners?) call in to freshen up their supply cabinets. “You’re a minimalist. Try a large, unlined Habana with a glass dip pen.”

One thought on “Geralin and shredders

  1. Perfect timing as I literally burned out a shredder this week. You know you won’t be using yours anymore when curls of smoke rise from the slot and you have to unplug it fast and push it out to the curb to cool down!

    Love her work on Hoarders. Figures she’d use one of your awesome planners.

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