Friday review roundup

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A little background is in order: I have an RSS feed that alerts me whenever someone links to this blog or to the main Quo Vadis website. The dates are a little funky, though, and often I receive a “new” alert about a link that dates back several years.

Sometimes, these links are new to me; other times, they remind me of a review that I’ve already read. Either way, there’s no shame in this, because it’s always useful to see what people have to say about our products, no matter when they said it.

Anyway, the review I’d like to share today is brief, and it made me smile not just because of who wrote it (our old friend and inaugural Writers’ Project subject Damon Young) but because of this great line about Habanas:

“It’s a journal for writing in; for the sensual, ebullient glide of inked metal on paper.”

Got a new review? Let us know!

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