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Hello everyone! Thank you for patience and continued interest in our inserts for your Filofax, Franklin Covey, and Day Timer organizers. I have some new information to update all of you on. We have recently received a sample of the inserts from our parent company in France and we are ready to begin importing the sizes that we know fit (Filofax Personal, Slimline, Compact, A5 and Day Timer Portable.). We should have these inserts ready for sale within a month.

Inserts include: note inserts, maps, card holders, A to Z index, address sheets & book and paper pads. The paper weight of these inserts is 85g so they will be fountain pen friendly. The Quo Vadis inserts are ivory color paper and L’Agenda Moderne have 5 assorted colors (more details on those as we get it). The dated pages are in 2 languages which are English-German, English-French, or English-Japanese which we may not import and only import the inserts. Would you want us to import dated agendas knowing they are in two languages?

For Filofax A5 users: one issue is that while we have found a match as far as size, the spacing for the rings differs. Would you buy an insert knowing that you will have to punch holes into them yourself?

We have also discussed potentially making our own inserts in Hamburg, NY. If we do this would you be interested? Which formats? What about the paper weight and color? Which accessories would you want?

As always thank you for your input. When the inserts arrive we will have another update for where you can purchase it.

21 thoughts on “Filofax Inserts Update

  1. I wouldn’t mind having 2 languages- I’ve seen others that have 5! Ugh!

    I would love a vertical week per 2 pages like the Minister. That is what I use now. I also prefer white as opposed to cream but I can adjust. I agree with Veronica’s comment completely.

    I love you Quo Vadis!!!! 🙂

  2. Don’t think I would by the A5 inserts if I had to punch holes in them myself. If that were the case, I would make my own.

  3. I would definitely order the personal sized inserts. Really interested in a monthly and weekly layout as well as lined and quadrille paper. Thanks for offering these. A dream come true!

  4. I circle my stationary stores endlessly for inserts and potential inserts that i may need to punch. So I would definitely be interested in this paper being locally available even if I had to punch. Would it be possible to have no holes at all so when we do punch it doesn’t look like a disoriented array of holes? Thanks!

  5. If the inserts are available in Canada (online or B&M) for FF Personal 2 page per day (best), 1 page per day yet fp compatible would be great.

    Will be monitoring so to order.

  6. I would be much more likely to purchase A5 inserts if they had the holes compatible with the Filofax rings. To be more precise, I would definitely buy them if the inserts matched the FF A5 rings. If they didn’t, I would consider it…but it’s much less appealing. I hope you find a way to make it work!

  7. Languages are ok by me, I am most interested in vertical week on 2 pgs, day on a page, and a day on two pages.
    Thank you for listening to potential customers, a quality that is severely lacking in our world today.

  8. I would absolutely purchase quality personal sized Filofax inserts. I would love to see 1 week on two pages and month on two pages along with lined note paper. I prefer white paper but would use cream if that is all that would be available. Thanks so much for listening and I look forward to being able to purchase the inserts.

  9. I live in Canada so an English/French dated diary would not bother me at all! I would love a month on two pages, and two days on a page or day per page.

    I don’t know much about paper weight, but I like a thicker weight than standard Filofax paper — I prefer Filofax cotton cream weight paper. I mentioned the dated pages I like; I’d also use to-do list inserts, and lined paper inserts.

  10. Great customer services! I would probably not buy the inserts for my A5 if I had to re-punch them, but will be interested in buying for personal size.

  11. I would be interested in two-language agenda refills; I already use dual-language Japanese agenda pages (because the paper is so much better than Filofax/DayTimer), but I haven’t quite found the perfect-fit format(s) yet.

    I wonder if it would be possible to (ever/eventually) release A5 fill without holes; I use 20-ring A5 binders for notes/writing. (The multi-ring formats may be most common in Asia, though I’m not sure, I live in NYC and buy binders and fill from Asian stationery stores and MUJI.) In addition to buying pre-punched fill, I also routinely dismantle A5 notebooks to get different layouts (e.g., blank monthly grid). I’ve tried repunching pre-punched pages, but because of the 20 holes, it works best if I tape over the pre-punched holes — which dramatically bulks up the paper in and around the holes (with tape, 1 page = 3 pages); that doesn’t work very well for these 20-ring binders, which generally come with small rings.

    From reading just the above comments, it’s clear that every one of us wants something slightly different and it’s not possible to please us all; thank you so much for taking our desires and needs into consideration.

  12. I would be very happy if you offered a5 calendars, but not so excited about having to punch them myself. Thanks for all the effort you are making to offer these to us!

  13. Karen, All the inserts you mention sound fantastic, and if they were made in NY – even better! I’m worried about overseas freight charges… but I’d still go for it because the paper sounds lovely!

  14. Hi Karen,

    I am the originator of the email that got this whole thing started, which I originally sent to the influential Rhodia Drive blog. I’m delighted that your company has taken the trouble to invest in these new product lines. Thank you.

  15. I am interested in a Filofax personal size insert. Dying to use mine but have hesitated since I hear Filofax paper is not so fountain pen friendly.

  16. ohhh i would totally get some — i dont know that i would purchase the A5 knowing that i would have to do extra punching but it would be loevely to have fp friendly paper for my planner!~

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