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Time & Life film (UK) from Quo Vadis on Vimeo.

Another video our parent company recently released is the one above, which showcases our Time & Life planning format. The Time & Life isn’t available in the US, but we’d love to get your feedback on it! It comes in a few different sizes and, like our Hebdo, gives Sundays equal billing.

What do you think? Worth importing?

7 thoughts on “Time & Life planners

  1. Leah Hoffman,

    I really like the style and the way in which you can keep up with your day. Do you have plans to carry this planner in the USA?


  2. I’ve seen two sizes of the QV Time & Life format: the larger, square-shaped one that is similar to the QV Executive in dimensions, and the smaller, rectangular-shaped one that is like the QV Business in dimensions. Both were wirebound in their Club covers and somewhat thicker than the sewn-signature-bound planners of similar size. Only the lined notes pages and the bookmark were repositionable.

    I like that they give Sundays equal space.

    If you can only pick one size to import, I recommend the larger, Executive-size, squareish one, because the column width for each day is quite narrow in the smaller rectangular one—fine for those with tiny handwriting, but maybe difficult for others.

  3. I don’t care too much about the repositionable note pages or the thematically organized address book, but… I won a Minister planner for 2012 and I used it as a health journal. I liked it a lot (and would recommend it to people who need a planner for more typical purposes, because I really appreciated the thoughtful design), but it was just slightly short on room, and not having a Sunday column was a problem. The Hebdo doesn’t organize space in the same way, and while I wound up getting a page-a-day planner for 2013, the Time & Life probably would have been completely ideal for my purposes. I’d buy it in a heartbeat, and I suspect the same is true for anyone else who would like daily listings and a tall, narrow column to write in.

  4. I would love to have these available in the US! I’d definitely buy one! I think it’s brilliant the way the pages are repositionable – like Circa and Arc, but in the wirebound format!! How long do you think it will be??

  5. Please bring to Canada too! Looks like the perfect planner, I love the vertical columns & how the hourly times aren’t huge like the Trinote, so people who prefer not to use hourly scheduling can still use the agenda to plan task lists for each day!

  6. I love the repositionable note pages!
    If you bring it into the USA, can you see if it can be sold in Canada as well?

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