2 thoughts on “Quo Vadis 2013-2014 Catalog

  1. Consumers can see our catalogs w/o prices. This will allow consumers to see all our references and all products in each brand, which are not shown on our brand or company websites.

    Consumers can order some products from us directly on paperbistro.com. Also, if you see a product you want on the catalog, you can contact us for a retailer referral. If we do not have a retail customer that stocks that reference, we will sell it to you by case pack, which is usually 5 or 10.

    What we have in the Retailers catalog is the Suggested List Price for each product. Many retailers use this, some price them higher, some lower. For now, the policy is to restrict the catalog with prices to trade only.

    Also, I would rather not make it too easy for our competitors to go in and see our prices. They already market to the Retailers listed on our websites.

  2. Just a random observation, but if you’re not putting prices in your catalog, you might as well not bother putting out a catalog. The whole point of a catalog is to order stuff, and without prices there’s no ordering.

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