Paper loving babies

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At six and a half months, my son is beginning to realize a distinction between objects that he can and can’t put his hands (and his mouth) all over. I suppose it’s not surprising he’s more attracted to the latter, and goes mad for things like remote controls and plastic bags full of trash.

He also adores paper, which is certainly something I’ll encourage later in life, but is not, for the moment, a habit I indulge too often given how quickly he progresses from crinkling to gobbling. Still, I’ve never seen him reach for anything with the avariciousness he displayed the other day when I handed him a brown sandwich bag.

In the meantime, I’ve ordered a few sheets of fake baby paper and am hoping that will do the trick…

One thought on “Paper loving babies

  1. Paper is fun! It’s crinkly and loud! But as you noted, it quickly gets slobbery and too easily eaten. When my daughter was your son’s age, her favorite thing to play with was a sheet of gold “paper” (it’s actually something sturdier than paper) that came in the gift bag along with a nice necklace my aunt gave her when she was born. She used to love crinkling the paper and shaking it! I had to make sure to keep it out of her mouth though. She would have loved some Baby Paper when she was that age!

    Ironically, the nice necklace got accidentally flushed down the toilet a few years later (don’t ask), but we still have the crinkly gold paper!

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