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Today’s post is from Erica Kritt, whose enviable job at the Cruise Web takes her on lots of trips — with a notebook to capture the memories.

Travel is the fuel for my creativity. Having new experiences, visiting far away lands, meeting people who have different customs and celebrating their cultures inspires me.

When I travel, I bring clothes and toiletries and all the necessaries, but honestly my two most important possessions are my digital camera and my notebook. These are the tools I use to document my experiences. The camera has always been with me but, I didn’t think of carrying a notebook with me, until I was on a particularly busy cruise to the Holy Land.

Each day was jam packed with new activities and each port offered a new experience. I wanted to be able to reflect on this trip, but it was moving at a maddening pace. And while you are in the middle of the experience it’s hard to reflect on what you’ve seen and what you’ve done and how you feel.

So my travel companion said ‘Take notes, make an outline.’ Each day I would scribble down a few brief points, then at the end of the day, I would take five minutes to reflect on the day. I would also pop my notebook out as I was listening to the tour guide rattle off some interesting fact, or spell the name of a town.

We traveled to Jerusalem visiting the Western Wall and a fascinating open air market. I got great pictures but only my notebook could capture how I felt and the smells of the market. Another day we ventured to the beautiful and modern city of Tel Aviv where there were big groups of people dancing in circles. It’s those little things that weren’t necessarily on the agenda that I wanted to remember, so to retain it, I noted it.

And that notebook served as the most wonderful primer I had to help me caption my pictures, tell friends and relatives of my experience and for me to delve deeper into my experience by writing blogs about my trip and writing fictional stories based on my trip.

I love it because now, years later, I have a record of everything I experienced on that trip. The memories slowly fade away, but that content is there for me, forever.

Now, I always travel with a durable notebook to collect the bits and pieces of my trip that can’t be captured visually. And even now in the digital age, where it’s easy to carry around an iPad or Kindle, I don’t leave the notebook behind. It’s the fastest and easiest way to mark down your experiences.

Do you take notes on vacation?

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