Friday review roundup

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Two great planner reviews as we head into this clear, cold New York weekend.

  • Deborah Crombie leads the Jungle Red Writers in a discussion about paper vs. digital calendars and describes why she loves her Minister: “It’s not too bulky, but there’s enough room to make notes on that day’s to-do list, and to add a little detail about activities … Most important of all, I put my page or word count goals for every day of the week at the top of that day, and then I have to write down what I actually achieved. I haven’t come up with anything digital that makes the same impact on my brain.”
  • Aisasia reviews the Scholar: “I used to use this style of planner for school and it was helpful because I listed tasks/homework assignments … Overall, this is a great planner but not one for me (my heart is set with the Space 24).”

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