Focus on formats: the Space 17

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To kick off our new monthly feature on planner formats, I figured I would start with the one I know and love best: the Space 17. The history of its name is unclear, though the “17,” at least, refers to the planner’s length (as opposed to the Space 24, its larger cousin). We’ve been selling them in the US since the late 1980s.

I like the Space 17 because it’s slim and compact, and because it offers a full page of notes for each week. The notes pages fit my non-meeting intensive lifestyle very well; I use them to store errands I need to run and additional information about my appointments. I also like that there’s a set of monthly calendars at the front of the planner, which proved very useful last year for charting pregnancy and baby related info. Otherwise, I use them to store gardening-related schedules and tasks.

The Space 17’s ivory tinted paper is thin but strong, taking its inspiration from traditional ledger paper. It comes in plain and gold edged. (Fun fact: the gold edging is hand-beaten onto the paper.)

Do you use the Space 17? What’s your favorite thing about it, and what would you change if you could?

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  1. I think the Space 17 is similar to the Planner and Timer 17 available in France. I am guessing the size is the same 170 mm by 95-100 mm hence the 17 in the title? At that size they are the same size more or less as Filofax Personal Size.


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