Filofax Inserts?

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We received this email earlier this month:   “I’m a blogger who uses Rhodia paper in filofaxes.   I have always thought that there should be a Rhodia pad in the 95 mm x 171mm size, which is the standard uses by filofax and many other manufacturers. With filofax paper being of such quality, a topic almost continual in the blogosphere, I’m hoping Rhodia may be interested in catering for this untapped market.”  

Good news, Filofax fans!   We can import some paper for you!

Exacompta in France makes some notes, address and other pages that would fit in a Filofax organizer.   See them here.

Should we import some notes pages and make them available for purchase online?

Your comments will determine whether or not we pursue….so if you use Filofax or know someone who does I would appreciate your feedback.

Finally – FYI – “Rhodia paper” is actually Clairefontaine paper, which is from the same mill that produces paper for Quo Vadis planners.

Thank you for your comments!


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  1. I am the originator of the email to which this discussion refers.

    Can I suggest, since peoples’ diary requirements vary so much, that you “test the water” with a basic punched notepad, in personal size, in both plain and lined variants.

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